Blast video by Penny Hallas

Canalchemy is a moving jam, a series of collaborative performances at sites along the route of the deleted Glamorganshire canal.


The initial plan was to do some sort of event in a different location along the ghost canal each month for the 2017 astrological year, starting on Spring Equinox, in the fire of Aries in the house of Mars at the blast furnace of the Cyfarthfa ironworks in Merthyr Tydfil, and ending at the site of Sea Lock in Cardiff Bay where the canal enters the sea in the waters of Pisces the following year. The plan was later modified leaving the project more open ended.


The performances each month could take different forms, sometimes being poetry readings, sometimes small-scale rituals, walks, conversations, get-togethers, writing games. 


A paper on the project was presented at the Theoretical Archaeology Group Conference in Cardiff on Winter Solstice 2017. A walk was also incorporated into the Projectivisms symposium at Cardiff University in May 2018.